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Anti-Aging Pillowcase by Meili and Grace

Pure Silk Revitalizing Face Cloth - 2 Pack


"This material is getting more scarce every year and we can't promise we will always have these.  You'll never use anything else after trying it." -Clark Crookshanks, Hannah Grace Co.

  • YOUR SKIN IS PRECIOUS - Stop the dullness! Washcloths create micro tears leading to dull skin. We solve this right here! Softer, prettier skin in no time!
  • BE GENTLE - Improve your skin's texture, remove stubborn blackheads, cleanse, minimize, and unclog pores.
  • WANT A BEAUTIFUL SKIN TONE? - Gently exfoliate dull or dead skin cells while giving your skin a natural glow! Result, prettier skin!
  • ALL NATURAL, NO SYNTHETICS EVER - Designed with the help of and used by Dermatologists to reduce washcloth irritation which means fewer skin problems like acne & rosacea.

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