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Anti-Aging Pillowcase by Meili and Grace

Daily Immune Boost+ Anti-Aging, Energy, & Weight Management Supplement

Daily Immune Boost+

Daily Immune Boost+ features hesperidin with a supporting cast of three complementary ingredients that support your body’s natural aging process and cellular metabolism. 


Discover the benefits of increased daily & cellular energy, defense against flu & virus, cellular repair, healthy weight loss with increased lean muscle, and vitality. Daily Immune Boost+ nourishes your cells with a single, delicious daily packet. 


From Research findings to Therapeutic opportunity: 

This study (Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease and Department of NeurologyUniversity of California, San Francisco) suggests, for the first time, a natural product-based therapy for age-associated physiological decline & healthy weight management.

Hesperidin, by decreasing the expression of its target gene, it may increase the levels of Nampt and NMN. Thereby, it may: 

(1) increase plasma NMN levels and tissue NAD+ availability

(2) prevent age-associated weight-gain

(3) enhance energy metabolism and physical activity 

(4) increase insulin sensitivity and lipid profiles 

(5) augment mitochondrial respiratory capacity


Ingredients: CitriSlim™ (Proprietary Blend Ingredients: CitriSlim Ponkan Unripe Fruit extract hesperidin, Ginger Powder, Grapefruit Powder, Lemon Juice Powder)

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