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About Us

"Meili and Grace (pronounced May-Lee) embodies an incredible joy for life and family, a passion for discovery and adventure, the luxury of beauty and comfort, and the spirit of overcoming challenges that turn dreams into reality."

Sherri and Clark Crookshanks

Founders, Meili and Grace 

In 2008, our vision of this amazing product began to take shape as we intensely researched the world's finest silk and it's anti-aging properties. Two years later, after devoting all of our energy into creating this extraordinary luxury, our vision was perfected and accomplished. 

We discovered a rare and exquisite raw silk from Inner Mongolia that could be handcrafted and perfectly woven into a pillowcase that soothes and nourishes the skin. Meili and Grace Anti-Aging Pillowcase was meticulously designed by collaborating with talented textile scientists and Dermatologists. 

We source our silk from a family business in Inner Mongolia that maintains the ancient traditions of silk weaving. With our exclusive weave and extraordinary quality, our entirely handmade silk pillowcase will unlock your skin's youth potential, prevent wrinkles and fine lines and give your skin a newfound softness, glow and comfort.


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