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About Us

My name is Sherri Ulrich-Crookshanks and I am the founder of Meili & Grace Anti-Aging Pillowcase.
Meili & Grace embodies the love of life and family, following a passion with a sense of responsibility, the enjoyment of beauty,  the adventure of challenges together, boutique craftsmanship and finding something unique and authentic. 

It started over 20 years ago.  My sister told me she wanted to go to Switzerland to buy some particular silk pillowcases.    She was a young model and I was a teacher in Milan, Italy.  Her modeling agency told her to sleep on a special silk pillowcase because it would keep her skin looking like a model.  We found these silk pillowcases in a beautiful Swiss boutique and instantly fell in love with this precious material and what it did for our skin and quality of sleep. 


After returning home to California, we found that the silk in the USA was not the luxurious material I had gotten used to in Italy, not even close.   It seemed like the silk in the USA was not of the same quality and did not add any benefit to my skin or my quality of sleep. I realized the USA market is flooded with cheap silk and it's presented in a way that all silk is the same which is absolutely not true.

In a flash,  I realized there was a need for this authentic handmade silk in the USA.  About 6 years later, I was in a corporate skincare job but still holding on to the desire that I could create a company that sold this rare, exquisite silk like I once slept on in Italy.  It took some time, but I convinced my husband that this idea I had 6 years ago in Italy could become part of a wider business project.  Most of all, we could do this together!  I figured that if it didn't kill us, we'd be much better off with our own company and independence rather than our corporate jobs.   We saved our money and decided we would leave all our certainties we had built up to that moment and move overseas until we came back with the world's most precious silk.


This amazing and sometimes very difficult adventure began.


We spent 2 years intensely learning the organic ancient silk making process. We spent another two years searching and testing for the worlds best silk that matched the Chinese silk I found in Switzerland 12 years earlier. 


As we got closer to success, we had exhausted all our funds and I had developed a serious pneumonia that put me in the hospital for over a month. We were broke, scared, I was very sick and my pneumonia filled up both lungs.  It looked like our dream of creating our company had come to end and we would be heading back to the USA.
Then, an amazing thing happened. Our friends and colleagues stepped in a large group rallied together to give us the help and care we needed to stay and continue on this journey. With this dear help and support of friends and colleagues overseas that came together, we continued. Maybe it was simply my positive attitude to challenges and never giving up, or that I knew failure was necessary for success, or just the amazing relationships we had built with many people during this process, the fact is that a year later we were back in the USA with a product that experts labeled as: superior.


We had visited over 20 of China's most renowned silk makers, some of which supply Royalty of other countries.  After 4.5 years, with a lot of help from our dear friends and families we met, 12 experts in precious fibers, 5 different dermatologists, and countless reviews from experts in skincare, we had developed a silk unmatched in quality and anti-aging properties.  We believe we have a silk that separates us from all the others on the market, and good enough to change the way you think about silk.


We invite you to join us on this journey and welcome your questions, comments, or just to reach out, we are always here.




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