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My Proven Antioxidant Trick for Younger Looking Skin

July 13, 2020

If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon and started using Retin-A for fine lines and wrinkles, then you could be missing out on the most effective skincare product that exists. The problem is, it can be a little rough to tolerate.

Here's a trick that can help you tolerate retinoids better, and help you get the optimum benefits of Retin-A by combining with antioxidants.


Apply Retin-A.  Then a half hour after you apply your favorite antioxidant. Mine would be the Renew & Recover Hydrating sheet mask, or Super-Lifting and Firming Anti-Aging Sheet Mask cause these are tried and true patented antioxidant blends that are amazingly effective.


Retin-a then activates the retinoid receptors allowing optimal efficacy of the anti-oxidant. Also, the antioxidant should act as an anti-inflammatory agent in case the retin-a gel or Retin-a cream has caused inflammation.

Finally, retin-a is going to make the skin a little more porous, allowing more efficient penetration of the anti-oxidant. I've seen this work wonders for people and it's worth giving a try. By the way I also advise to place retin-a under the eyes and around the crow's feet region. I realize the package insert warns against it, but again, it should be OK if tolerated. Also, it should be mentioned that retin-a is a category X which means it should not be used in those pregnant or contemplating pregnancy.

Be aware of side effects and retin-a side effects which are: burning, itching, stinging, redness, inflammation.


If you are interested in minimal side effects, please watch the video here about how to minimize the side effect of these retinoids in order to better tolerate and get the maximum Retin-A and Tazorac benefits.

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